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Answers to Questions About KCIC Collectible
Porcelain and Glass Christmas Ornaments

1. Who Is KCIC Collectible Porcelain Christmas Ornaments
KCIC (Keep Christ In Christmas) Ornaments is a Christian-owned business located in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. It is important to us that you receive top quality products and service when you purchase from this site.We fully understand and accept our accountability to God for the quality of our products and the way you are treated. Read testimonials from our customers. Click here for a brief history of KCIC Christmas Ornaments.

2. I am from the news media. Do you have a news release?
Yes. There are two: one related to our celebration of the real meaning of Christmas and one related to keeping Christ in Christmas.

3. How Do I Know I Can Trust You?
Internet merchants who are serious about the quality of their products and maintaining a good relationship with you will take a number of steps to ensure your shopping satisfaction. They will:

  • have their own domain name (such as
  • have on their website such as company name, street address, phone and e-mail
  • guarantee their products
  • use a secure server for processing your orders (https versus http)
  • disclose their return procedure, shipping costs and methods and privacy policy on the site

We meet all of the above.   Go here for more specific information about KCIC . If you are uncomfortable about shopping at our site we encourage you to pray and ask for God's wisdom before making any purchase here (or, for that matter, any where else on the Internet.)

4. How are KCIC Porcelain Ornaments Made?
The process begins with prayer and researching of Scriptures. After the Bible verse is selected, we choose the decorative trim, colors and porcelain shapes, Then, we determine how many to produce and proceed with the process of inscribing and decorating the ornaments. Click here for a brief history of porcelain. See a Catalogue of all KCIC products with links to close-ups.

We fire them ourselves and produce only a limited quantity each year. Every ornament includes a serial number and Certificate of Authenticity. This Christ-centered Christian Christmas ornament is fine quality, collectible, inspirational home decor especially made to display or give as a gift. It glorifies the birth of Jesus Christ and enhances your celebration of a Christmas that begins with Christ - a Christmas with real meaning. You or the person to whom you give it,will cherish it for life. And, every ornament includes a lifetime, free replacement guarantee.

5. How Are KCIC Glass Ornaments Made?
The idea for and process of creating these unique gold and silver glass ornaments also begins with prayer. We paint each ornament by hand with a total of twelve combined coats of base, color and varnish. They are meant to remain beautiful for a lifetime. There are of course, surface imperfections common to glass ornaments over which we have no control. We added a color-coordinated hanging ribbon for display on a Christmas tree with branches of any thickness. Each glass ornament includes a booklet with the Bible story that is illustrated by the ornament. The text is in some cases a direct quote and in other areas a paraphrase of many several reputable Bible translations. We created a child-friendly version with simplicity and truth for you to share with your loved ones. The glass ornaments are quite fragile and should be handled with care.

6. Are The Porcelain Ornaments Too Heavy To Put On A Tree

Yes and no. Yes, the Oval and Round porcelain ornaments are too heavy for a tree with thin or drooping branches (such as white pine.) That is the reason we added 0rnament Stands for table top display. Many of our customers display their ornaments all year around. (See the Comments from KCIC customers.)

No. The Oval and Round porcelain ornaments look better on a tree with sturdy branches such as a Frazier fir or artificial tree with metal branches.The lighter weight Scalloped porcelain ornament looks wonderful in multiples hanging on any tree. Just be sure you place it on a sturdy branch.

7. Why Do You Personalize Your Porcelain Ornaments?
 It is our prayer that you (or the person you are gifting) will feel the incredible, personal love of God every time the ornament is read with the name. In keeping with the personalized nature of our porcelain ornaments, we also select Family Life ornaments that can be inscribed or engraved - for a personal touch.

8. Is there a quick way to find products on your site by color or Bible verse?
Absolutely! Go here for assistance.

9. Are Your Ornaments Exclusive? Are they Guaranteed?
Absolutely, as long as you are a registered owner of KCIC ornaments and your ornaments are stored properly in the Indestructo box we supply!

Porcelain Ornament Warranty:

We will gladly replace any properly stored broken, defective or damaged porcelain ornament as long the ornament is still active stock and you are a registered KCIC Ornaments owner. If the ornament is not available, you will receive a comparable replacement. Contact Customer Support if you need assistance.

Glass Ornament Warranty: The bow and ribbon are warranted up to five years. Replacement of a broken or damaged glass ornament is limited to two years from purchase and is subject to availability of the ornament. You must be a registered KCIC Ornaments owner. Contact Customer Support if you need assistance.

10. How Do I Care for My Ornaments and Ornament Stands?
Click here for help with caring for a KCiC Christmas Ornament.  Click here for help with caring for a metal ornament stand.

11.Why Must I Keep My KCIC Ornaments In Your Storage Box?

The guarantee on KCIC ornaments reflects a small part of the loving nature of our God - unconditional, setting boundaries, lasting for a lifetime, replacing that which is damaged or broken. You get an Indestructo brand storage box in which to store your ornaments. The box is rated to withstand up to 200 lbs of pressure and will protect your ornaments from damage and breakage during shipping and off-season storage. If you return the ornament for refurbishing or replacement, it must be returned in the original storage box.

12. Do I Really Have To Register My Ornaments?
It is in your best interest to do so.
Registration activates your limited replacement guarantee. In addition, when we add accessories or upgrade the trim, you will receive them free or at a discount. You can register your ornament here on our site or send in the post card enclosed with your ornament. Please Note: There is no replacement guarantee or warranty protection on our ornaments if you are not a registered owner or if you store them in any box other than the Indestructo box we supply.

13. Do You Have Any Specials That Will Save Me Money?

  • Corporate customers, faith-based non-profits, churches and ministries that purchase five or more Deluxe or Grand Porcelain ornaments will get a flat ten percent discount off the cost of the ornaments and custom name plates. Ornaments shipped to you will include free gift wrap. Call for more information: 1.724.897.7393 .
  • Faith-based non-profits, churches and missions that purchase five or more Deluxe or Grand Porcelain ornaments will get a flat ten percent discount off the cost of the ornaments and custom name plates. Ornaments shipped to you will include free gift wrap. Please call for more information: 1.724.897.7393 .
  • Family gift customers purchasing five or more Deluxe or Grand Porcelain Christmas ornaments, get ten percent off the total cost of the ornaments and custom engraved name plates. Click here for more details about our family gift program. Orders should be placed by December 10th for guaranteed delivery before Christmas. Expedited shipping charges may apply. Please call 1.724.897.7393 for more information.
    • You will also be enrolled in our Preferred Customer Club. You'll get a 5% discount on every future purchase and Free gift wrap.
  • Buy two or more Events Series Glass Christmas ornament sets and get a discount.
  • If you have received the quantity discount code from us, be sure put the code # (i.e. #XXXX) on the order form. The discount will be applied after you enter products on your order.

14. I'm Watching My Pennies. Do You Have A Payment Plan?
We do not have a payment plan as part of our normal checkout. However, as a convenience to you, we can certainly set one up for you with Paypal if your total purchase is over $125.00.

15. How Can I Pay For My Order?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Discover, debit cards, money order. For your convenience, we can process your payment five different ways:

  1. online from a secure server: You will receive a copy of your order by e-mail.
  2. by phone: When you call, leave a message letting us know you want to place a phone order and he best time to call. An agent will respond as soon as possible. 1.724.897.7393 to place your order.
  3. by mail order: If you prefer not to place a credit card or check order on line, Click here to download view and print the pdf order form. Complete the form and mail it to us with your check, credit card info, money order or certified check payment.
  4. by fax: Complete the mail order form and fax it to 1.724.897.7393. Our fax number is the same as the phone number.
  5. by your Paypal account: available at checkout
  6. If you have any questions, please call or e-mail.

For orders outside of continental USA, we can not accept personal checks. We will ship only to the ordering address, Fed Ex or UPS International only and you must sign for the package. We can accept credit card or bank-to-bank transfer payments from overseas clients. International shipping charges will be calculated for you and added to your bill. You will be notified of the amount and sent a link to our secure payment server to complete the transaction.

16. Is It Really Safe to Give You People My Credit Card?
Your credit card/checking account order is processed securely. That means, the small amount of personal data collected from you in order to process a sale is encrypted (encoded and scrambled) before it is stored or sent over the Internet. You do not have to worry that information will be misused or stolen. In addition, your credit card or checking account information is not stored on our site. We realize it can be annoying for you to supply this info every time you call or buy. But that safeguard is for your protection.

17. Can I Pay For My Ornaments With A Check?
Yes. (1)  If you mail us a check, we will generate a one time check from the info on your original and return the voided original to you. (2) Or, to save time, you can fax a copy of your completed check to us at 1.724.897.7393. Your products will be shipped as soon as your payment clears. (3) Returned Checks: Any check returned for insufficient funds or stopped payments will be charged a $35 return check fee. If we must send your bad check to a collection agency, you will be charged a $75 fee plus attorney and/or collection fees. You can also use your PayPal account to pay with an eCheck. Shipment will made after payment clears. Merchandise will not be held pending the successful payment. If the item is not available after your payment clears, a refund will be issued.

18. When Will I Get My Ornament Order?
Individual orders are shipped promptly (via UPS or USPS Priority mail with tracking) within 3 business days according to available stock. We will email you the tracking number when your ornament is shipped. They will arrive within 2-5 days depending upon where you live and you may have to sign for the package. If we can not ship immediately, we will notify you when we expect to have your order in hand. It will be shipped to you upon arrival. There will be additional shipping charges for:

  • or expedited shipments made via USPS express mail
  • expedited UPS, FedEx or any other delivery service
  • international orders going outside of the USA
  • custom ornaments and corporate gift orders of more than 5 items.

Can I buy an ornament and have it shipped to a friend or loved one?
Yes. We have a few suggestions as to how you can personalize it. And if you are looking to purchase for a ministry or business we can do that too. For your protection, the recipient may need to sign for the order when it is delivered. 

What if I need to return an ornament or ornament stand/tree?
In the rare event that you need to return an ornament, go here for the form to request an RMA. And here to see our return policy. Help with returning an ornament for exchange. Contact Customer Support if you need assistance.

19. What Does "Ready to Give" Mean?
"Ready-to-give" gift packaging of KCIC Christmas Ornaments reflects the generous nature of our God. We include everything you need to display and store your ornaments, all neatly arranged in an attractive gift box with color-coordinated tissue and shred packaging.

20. Can I Have Ornaments Sent To More Than One Person?
with ease. If you are sending to separate addresses, simply complete your orders one at at time. We may call you to confirm. The gift tag will have your name written on it. Available to US residents only.

21. Can I Buy Your Ornaments In A Retail Store?
At the present time, our ornaments are sold exclusively by phone order, on the Internet or mail order. I'm in your area. Can I stop by and take a look at your Inventory? We enjoy conversing with our local customers, but we are not set up for walk-in sales or traffic.

22. Do You Have Gift Certificates?
You can select to have an elegant gold embossed Gift Certificate mailed to your loved one or complete an order on line and have the Gift Certificate emailed to them. A few clicks and your shopping is done.

23. Is There A Cut Off Date For Ordering Gifts?
Orders for individual ornaments are processed and shipped from January 22 until December 23rd each year . See our Ordering Calendar for deadlines. Please note, if you are ordering after December 15th, we can not guarantee the ornament you want will be in stock and we can not guarantee delivery before Christmas unless you use expedited shipping. After December 20th, only UPS Expedited or USPS Express overnight is available for guaranteed delivery Additional shipping charges will apply. Order now to be sure you get the ornaments you want in time for Christmas gift-giving!

24. I Am So Busy This Time Of Year! Can You Gift Wrap Them For Me?
As for gift wrapping, all of our ornaments include a storage box, gift box, gift pouch for the ornament and a gift card. It arrives "ready to give".

25. Can I Reserve New Ornaments In Advance Of Series Issue?
Yes. Normally, your gift will arrive in plenty of time to give or display during the holiday season. But please be aware, if you order on line, your credit card will be billed at the time of purchase. If we can not deliver your ornament in a timely manner, you will be notified and your card will be credited immediately should you decide to cancel the sale.

You can order by mail and your card will not be billed until shipment. Again, if your order can not be filled, you will be notified immediately and your order will not be processed. Questions? Call or e-mail us at any time for a response within 24 hours.

26. What If I Need To Return My Ornament, Ornament Stand/Tree?
Contact Customer Support if you need assistance.

27.   What Is Your Privacy Policy?
KCIC will never sell, rent or give your personal information and e-mail address to anyone, with or without your permission, for any reason. Your customer or donor mailing list is kept confidential. We will not share or sell it to anyone. We hate to receive "spam" and will do everything in our power to protect KCIC customers. To see a detailed privacy policy, click here. If you have any further questions, you can also contact us toll-free at 1.888.344.2779.

28. I Know You Folks Believe in "Keeping Christ in Christmas". How Do You Help People Who Do Not Know Christ?
We include a Christmas-themed ministry tract  and a Christian themed pocket calendar with our ornaments. If you are sending our ornament as a gift to someone who needs to know the love of God, they will receive a gospel message of salvation. Or, you can share your tract personally with someone you know.

By the way, before it is shipped, we earnestly pray for each person who purchases an ornament or ornament stand/tree and every person/ family who receives a KCIC Christmas ornament, stand or tree.

29. Do You Tithe Or Donate To Christian Organizations From Your Sales? Absolutely!
The tithe from our sales goes to organizations which help needy individuals (the poor, the fatherless, the widow or the stranger) or directly to the needy as the Lord prompts us.

If you still have unanswered questions and need to speak with someone, please contact Customer Support.