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Porcelain Christmas Ornaments Celebrating the Salvation of God in Jesus Christ

"Blessed be the Lord God for He has visited us with salvation, redemption and deliverance." (St. Luke 1:68 - New Testament)

These beautiful ivory porcelain Christmas ornaments are imprinted in copper metallic text with the above Bible verse and embellished with a copper-painted rim and a forest green velvet ribbon bow.

We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ who was born to take away the sin of the world. Conceived by the Holy Spirit in the womb of a virgin, He was born without the sin nature with which the rest of us wrestle daily. Just as a human father imparts some of himself to his children, God was in Christ. Jesus' death and resurrection has given us the opportunity to have our hearts cleansed of sin and enjoy a new relationship with God the Father. 

Cause for celebration indeed!! :-)

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