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Glass Christian Christmas Ornaments

Personalized by Scriptures, Arrives Ready to Give

Events in the Life of Jesus: Hand-Painted Christmas Ornaments

KCIC Glass Christmas Ornaments help you celebrate a Christmas that begins with Jesus Christ by commemorating four of the miraculous events surrounding with His birth. Each ornament has an ID label and a color-coordinated booklet with the full Biblical account of each event. The Scripture is an easy-to-read English paraphrase sensitive to children. Together, the four ornaments tell the whole story of the Advent of Jesus Christ from His conception to the return to Israel after the holy family fled to Egypt.

These faith-affirming, hand-painted glass Christian Christmas ornaments are an unusual, beautiful gift to give or to have on hand for unexpected guests. Share the truth of God's word with loved ones whose hearts may be a little more open during the holiday season. We hope you will take time to read the scriptures in the attached booklets to the children in your life. Keep the miraculous birth of Jesus and the love of God alive in their hearts.

Almost everyone is familiar with some part of the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. KCIC glass Christian Christmas ornaments are classic shapes chosen to correspond with four of the significant events connected with the birth of Jesus Christ. Available in gold, copper or silver. The Advent Story - Events Glass ornaments illustrate the following Bible stories:

  1. The Heart, Marriage of Joseph and Mary: St. Luke 1:26-38; 2:1-7; St. Matthew 1:18-25; Isaiah 7:14
  2. The Bell, Annunciation of the Birth of Jesus Christ by angels: St. Luke 2: 10-18
  3. The Star, Coming of the Magi: (or the Three Wise Men) St. Matthew 2:1-12; Micah 5:2
  4. The Teardrop, The Flight to Egypt: St. Matthew 2:13-23; Hosea 11:1; Jeremiah 31:15

Quantities are limited and we usually sell out quickly. As with all KCIC Ornaments, you never pay the full retail value. Buy a set of four glass ornaments and you'll get a discount. Each ornament is gift-packaged in a suede-weight velveteen drawstring pouch with a gift card (upon request) and hanging ribbon. A full set of four ornaments includes a free display stand. Your ornaments arrive "ready to give. You save time and money. Order your glass Christmas ornaments today! 

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