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Keeping Christ in Christmas: Our Testimony

porcelain and glass christian christmas ornaments KCIC - "Keep Christ in Christmas" Ornaments: Our Testimony

My most cherished Christmas ornaments are four small (1-1/2") New Testaments I bought twenty-five years ago. Yes, it really is the whole New Testament! :-) At that time, it was as close as we could get to a useful, beautiful, lasting Christ-centered Christmas decoration. When one of them mysteriously disappeared (aided by tiny, curious fingers I suspect!) we began an earnest search to find a replacement or comparable Christ-honoring decoration. We found nothing. On the one hand, there were plastic/resin products and cheap looking trinkets. On the other hand - the occasional bell or star by Waterford, Lenox, Christopher Radko or Beleek - costing $40 and up. But nothing of fine quality in between. For years, at the end of every holiday season, we prayed the Lord would inspire someone to produce a beautiful, affordable ornament that would glorify Jesus Christ and help keep Christ in Christmas.

After a while, we began to feel the Lord wanted us to create them. To make a long story short, after much travail and prayer, the ornaments we saw in our hearts finally arrived. The first one out of the box was so beautiful (to us) that we cried and praised God. It was the Word of God (the substance of life), written in gold (the eternal metal of Kings) on clay from the earth (soon to be redeemed by Him). It was simple, elegant and unique. God provided help every step of the way, including the creativity of a dear friend whose idea it was to personalize the ornaments. And her mom, who bought the first one.

We hope our testimony of God's grace and provision will encourage you.  If you have been asking Him for a business idea that is unique, know that God can and will answer that prayer. In fact, He may have answered it already and you are hesitating to act on it because you are afraid or don't think you can do it. God gives a unique strength for each task. Truly, you can "do all things through Christ who strengthens you." (Phil. 4:13)  

An idea or a vision that just won't go away, it could be the Lord speaking to you. Go forward. Be willing to pray, trust God and take those tiny steps outside of your physical or emotional comfort zone. The vision will come alive little by little, one step at a time as you move toward what you see in your mind and believe in your heart. God will meet you there and help you accomplish the goal He has placed in your heart for His own glory and your blessing. (Jeremiah. 27:11)  Remember, no word from the Lord returns to Him without accomplishing the thing He sends it to do (Isaiah 55:11.) 

May God bless you always. We hope you will join us in celebrating a Christmas that begins with Christ.

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